Update To Pennyhut1 Dollar General Penny List

The Dollar General Penny Item List has been updated with new bar codes! Please go to http://pennyhut1.com/dollar-general-list/
To view the updates.

Updated DG List Pic


Long time No Update

Well Blog friends it has been forever since I’ve posted here, I post on my main site http://www.pennyhut1.com every week, mainly deals at Dollar General, but I also have printable coupons and offers page, a user forum, and an Other Deals page. I try to stay up to date as often as I can, but being a mom, wife, and business owner, some things get pushed aside and sadly this blog is one of them. I will try to do better this year at keeping this page as up to date as I possibly can with the new things that are going on.
In the Dollar General world this week are the 50% and 70% items sales. It’s after Christmas so you know what that means, stores are clearing out inventory to get ready for their spring/summer items. Now is a great time to stock up on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift boxes, gift card holders, and even some candy, and who can forget the ornaments. I’ve seen some awesome prices at Target for their Christmas clearance line. You can store this stuff for next season, or in a pinch on birthday gifts, I’ve flipped the Christmas wrapping inside out and used the white/plain side to wrap that birthday gift, or you could always do the traditional wrap the gift in the Sunday Comics section of the paper, kids love this.
I have tons of money saving tips and ideas, I may start a new page this year dedicated to saving money tips.
New things are in store for the website. We are hard at work behind the scenes getting things ready for the new phase of Pennyhut1 and I can’t wait until the new features are live. Before I give more away on that I’m off of here. Until I update it again.


Hello penny shoppers we are in the process of revamping our website . We will be adding a forum for trade buy sell from your stockpile . And a personal shopping list so you can choose what you want to go shopping for with an item locator so you know which store in your area carries that item . We will be including features for couponers such as stockpile sell trade shopping cart locator and a picture page to boast about your hauls . And a Q/A page for beginners . Now for you to help us make our site better for everyone . We need ideas please submit positive ideas . Thank you

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Penny Pal App T Shirts and more

A lot has been going on with Pennyhut1’s website. We have been working to develop an app that will help penny shoppers confirm items are indeed on the penny list and it is about to go live!!!!!! I have added T Shirts to the website for sale and have been doing double duty keeping both the bar code list and database current with new items for Dollar General Home Depot and tonight’s update will include new items and bar codes for Michaels. These stores will also be added to the app!!!! Busy but produ

Updates to site and things to come

Doing my weekly update of the Dollar General and Home Depot Penny Lists this evening. I will also be updating the data base. The App for Penny shoppers is currently in Beta Test. I am testing it at home as well as in stores when I go out this week to shop to make sure it is working properly, after I’m comfortable with the results, I am releasing it to a limited number of Penny Shoppers in my Facebook Group to test so I can work out any further bugs. Once the bugs are worked out after the trial run, I will release it for the public to purchase!!! this is a very exciting time for us!!!!! The moment we have waited for for what feels like such a long time is finally upon us!!!!!

The Pennyhut1 Story

So you are curious how it all began!  Great!  The story behind the website is pretty interesting. I was a stay at home mom and out of necessity needed to find ways to save money so we could afford to survive on one income.  I started with Extreame Couponing and when I say extream I mean extream.  I am not happy with one or two inserts when coupons are good.  I go after 50-100 at a time!  The most cost effective way I found to get this many coupons was bin diving.  Yes I am one of the crazy couponers who jumps into the big blue recycle bins in order to get coupons.  I’m not alone in my endevour.  I have a friend who is as addicted to coupons as I am.  She goes with me on the bin dives.  So I have been couponing and bin diving for 2 years.  One day I was on my favorite forum http://www.weusecoupons.com and I saw a post that made me curious it was about Dollar General and Penny Shopping. What is penny shopping I thought to myself, so I went into the post and the adventure began!  I shopped at Dollar General on a regular basis how could I not know this secret?  The forum post told me to look for pink and yellow dots on clothing so I went on my first penny hunt.  I walked in that store and got $539 worth of baby clothes and socks for 0.22!  I was hooked!!  So the adventure of penny shopping began.  During the winter it gets too cold and snow isn’t my favorite thing to bin dive in.  The bins get wet and there’s a safety factor I have to consider when getting on top of the bins to open the lid so I needed something to keep my time occupied while still saving my family money.  I started Penny Shopping, and than Facebook exploded with penny shopping groups.  I started keeping track of items, descriptions, and codes in a word document.  I would find items, take them to my church and donate them.  I also helped other people that were not having much luck finding items for their own families and managed to help give Christmas to  kids I’ll never meet.  It wasn’t that big a deal to me, until one night I got a message from a friend of mine telling me that my list was famous. It’s all over the internet!  So I decided at that point I needed to build a website dedicated to Penny Shoppers to share information, where instead of being in several groups across Facebook, penny shoppers could unite and talk about their finds.  Pennyhut1 was born.  I am constantly working on something with the website.  Whether getting more users, helping people shop, updating the lists for the 4 stores, I’m never at a loss for work.  The website is a labor of love for me.  I  enjoy watching the site grow.  There are many plans on the horizons and I hope my users enjoy the site and the updates that are coming. If you would like to access the Dollar General Barcode List, the Michaels Penny Item list, the Home Depot Penny Item list, or the Toys R Us deals list, please visit  www.pennyhut1.com and register for the site.  Thank you

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